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Technical Notes for FeynDiagram Version 2.5

These notes are somewhat technical. The contents of this file may not be relevant to future releases of FeynDiagram.

Objects which can be drawn on paper, such as lines, vertices, entire FeynDiagrams, and even pages all have a member function called hide(). Calling this function causes the object to be hidden, so it doesn't produce any output on the page.

When computing the bounding box for the whole figure, the bounding box for text is computed by guessing at about how big the characters are (based on the Times-Roman font). Generally, it is too large, so if you have text near the edges of the diagram, or you have very long text strings, the bounding box of the diagram might not be quite right. You may even get warnings that the diagram may not fit on 8.5x11 paper even though it does. You can adjust the bounding box by using the FeynDiagram::pad_bbox member function.

When doing \overline, \widetilde, \tildebar, \overrightarrow, or special centering of text, FeynDiagram needs some way of determining the size of the text. So, it has PostScript compute the path for the text without actually drawing it, and then finds the bounding box. If your text string is too long (more than about 25 characters), your printer may run out of memory, causing it to throw the page away. Also, the bounding box the printer finds for rotated text seems to be too big, so \overline doesn't work well if the text is rotated (I don't understand this - is it just me?).

The "parameters" for various Feynman diagram parts are organized as linked lists. So, it works it's way up the list until it sees that one of the nodes actually has had its value set.

All pages are in one linked list. FeynDiagram's are linked lists attached to pages. Lines, vertices, etc. go into a linked list on a FeynDiagram. Shading for blobs goes in a linked list attached to the blob. Lots of links...

There are no copy constructors - maybe someday... (copy constructors are nontrivial because of all of the linked lists - can't just copy bits)

OBSOLETE: (versions 1.21 and earlier) If, for some reason, you want to override the PostScript prolog file used by FeynDiagram (without recompiling), just set page::prologfile to a string giving the name of the prolog file you want to use.
As of version 1.22, there are several prolog files that get merged together as needed (instead of just one file) which should make output somewhat smaller. So, page::prologfile is gone. It has been replaced by page::prologdir which is the directory name (including a trailing '/' or whatever is appropriate for your computer) where the prolog files are.

Should each page of postscript be wrapped with a save/restore pair? The dvips manual says that you shouldn't have save/restore's in postscript files to be imported, but I haven't had any problems. To eliminate the save/restore, just #define NOSAVERESTORE, and rebuild the library.

line_spring actually has parameters fract1, fract2, fract3, and fract4. Only fract1 is mentioned in the tutorial. There are probably too many parameters - I may change some of the extras in a future release.


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