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History of FeynDiagram Versions

2.6 8/13/03 Fixed bounding boxes that were wrong when the width of a line was set to a negative value (e.g. to flip a gluon).

Made bounding boxes take line thickness and arrows into account.

Added FeynDiagram::pad_bbox(top, right, bottom, left) which allows you to adjust bounding box padding on all sides of the diagram (padding is specified in the diagram's coordinate system). This can be useful for things like text (where FeynDiagram approximates the bounding box, but might be off). The default padding (when using the default coordinate system configuration) is 0.12 on all sides (was 0 in previous versions).
2.5 4/17/00 Minor adjustments to remove some warnings and errors that occur with g++ 2.91.66.
2.4 10/16/95 Added vertex_box::fill and FeynDiagram::vertex_box_fill so that you can turn off the filling of the box vertex (by default it still fills). The tutorial has not been updated to document this feature. An example:
FeynDiagram fd(pg);
vertex_box vtx(fd,xy(0,0));
vtx.fill.setfalse(); /* turn off fill for this vertex */
fd.vertex_box_fill.setfalse(); /* default is no fill for diagram */
2.3 9/3/95 Fixed some occurences of 'cout' that should have been 'out' - this caused problems when trying to output directly to a file instead of outputting to stdout (ie. cout) as is done in the tutorial.
2.2 12/13/94 Changed #include <stream.h>
to #include <iostream.h>
2.1 12/13/94 Changed true() to settrue() and false() to setfalse() for compatibility with ANSI standard which now has true and false as reserved words. This may cause some incompatibility with programs for old versions (sorry).

Changed BoundingBox so that values are integers (instead of real numbers) so figures should now display on newer versions of xdvi.

Added ontop() to various line types so that you can make a line appear to go over another one.

Added to the text processor: \minus \widetilde \tildebar \overrightarrow

Also added the ability to use a different font in the middle of text with: \font{fontname}{text}

Now gives warnings if you give a negative value for a radius.
1.22 7/10/94 Previously, FeynDiagram had one large prolog file. This file has been broken into several small ones which are only inserted into the output as needed - this should make the output somewhat smaller.
1.21 11/9/93 Made a change to "fd.C" to circumvent the peculiar behavior of a VMS compiler which was causing it to produce mangled output (outputting the last chuck of "prolog.ps" twice).
1.20 11/4/93 Made some changes to "fd.C" so that it will compile OK even if M_PI isn't defined in your "math.h" header file.
1.19 11/3/93 Added the NOOSFCN option so that it can be compiled even if your C++ compiler doesn't have the header file "osfcn.h"
1.18 10/27/93 Corrected a minor bug in arcthru which caused it to sometimes draw the arc the wrong way (due to a rounding error)
1.17 6/3/93 The first public release.

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